True Direction for a Thriving Community

We are fortunate to live in the greatest country on Earth.

A strong and stable democracy where the rule of law prevails; an abundance of opportunities exist for those who seek them; and a landscape with some of the oldest and most outstanding natural assets known to human kind.

Importantly we pride ourselves on being a fair, open and tolerant community which welcomes the world, embraces other cultures, celebrates success and we are always prepared to lend a helping hand to those in need.

The Sunshine Coast is without a doubt, a piece of paradise in the greatest country on earth.

It is a tremendous honour to serve this region as its Mayor.  It is a responsibility to our community that I never take for granted.  First and foremost, I am your representative – a servant leader.

Since I was first elected in 2012, the Council which I have led has pursued a balanced agenda focussed on liveability, opportunity and prosperity – underpinned by my commitment to preserving our beautiful natural environment.

This is why I and many others, choose to live here and it is an attribute of our Sunshine Coast that I am not prepared to see compromised.

Over the last eight years, our Council has driven an array of opportunities and taken some bold steps to chart an exciting future for our communities.

Most importantly, we have delivered results – and as the saying goes, the proof is in the pudding.

Our Sunshine Coast today has moved ahead in leaps and bounds from where it was in 2012.

We have grown our economy by over $5 billion.  We have seen over 23,000 new jobs created in our high-value industries.  Business confidence remains at one of the highest levels in the state.  Household incomes have increased by more than 25%.  We are home to some of the nation’s most highly recognised and credentialled environmental sustainability projects and programs, like our solar farm and our Australian-first Blue Carbon partnership.

This has not happened by chance – it is the product of the clear plans that the Sunshine Coast Council under my leadership has put in place and we have remained steadfast in seeing them delivered.

It is little wonder, that our Sunshine Coast has been recognised as the only location in the southern hemisphere as one of the top 7 Global Intelligent communities.

The Council I lead will always be at the forefront of exploring new horizons, generating new ideas, developing community pride, preserving our natural landscapes and ecosystems and building opportunities for current and future generations.

This has been my unwavering approach as Mayor of the Sunshine Coast – because at the end of the day, delivering results for our community and the region which I serve is what matters.

My ethos is pretty simple – to not only do well but do good. That is my goal and it is what you can always expect from me.


Building a Healthy, Smart, Creative Sunshine Coast













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