We are fortunate to live in the greatest country on Earth.

A place with strong and stable democratic institutions; where the rule of law prevails; an abundance of opportunities for those who seek to pursue them; and some of the oldest and most outstanding natural assets known to human kind.

Importantly we pride ourselves on being an open and tolerant community which welcomes the World, enjoys their cultures and celebrates success.

The Sunshine Coast is without a doubt, a piece of paradise, and it is a great honour to serve this region as its Mayor.

With a balanced agenda focussed on opportunity, liveability and prosperity – within a beautiful natural environment – it is why I and many others choose to live here.

We are also proud Queenslanders. There is no louder voice than mine come State of Origin time.

Right now, local governments across Queensland are driving an array of opportunities, taking bold steps to embrace them and chart exciting futures for their communities.

Whether it be new generation geothermal energy options in Western Queensland, new cultural tourism ventures in our Indigenous communities on Cape York – or on our own Sunshine Coast, positioning our region as Australia’s leading hub for entrepreneurs.

Councils are at the forefront of exploring new horizons, generating new ideas, developing community pride and building opportunities for current and future generations.

I am proud to be part of the local government system in Queensland – as Mayor of the Sunshine Coast Council and as President of the Local Government Association of Queensland.

Both roles are a tremendous privilege to hold – and both bring with them significant trust and responsibility to the people and councils whom I represent.

My ethos is pretty simple – to not only do well but do good. That is my goal and it is what you can always expect from me.

Sunshine Coast Mayor Mark Jamieson


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