Annual report tells the Coast and council’s story

Annual report tells the Coast and council’s story

The Sunshine Coast community will be able to check on council’s progress from the past 12 months thanks to the release of its annual report for 2015/16.

Endorsed by councillors at their November ordinary meeting today, the annual report is one of the key ways council is able to make the community and stakeholders aware of the services it has delivered, the projects it has undertaken, and its achievements during the financial year.

It also includes council’s audited financial statements as well as messages from Mayor Mark Jamieson, CEO Mike Whittaker and key statistics and information on the Sunshine Coast and council.

“This is a progressive time for our Sunshine Coast and 2015/16 has been a historic marker in time as a number of our region’s transformative projects have moved from planning to implementation,” Mayor Jamieson said.

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