Drainage upgrade underway as part of Bulcock Street makeover

Drainage upgrade underway as part of Bulcock Street makeover

A major drainage upgrade in Caloundra, which will help reduce flooding and protect the Pumicestone Passage, is now underway ahead of council’s Bulcock Street streetscape upgrade, due to start this month.

The upgrade includes a new underground pipeline, extending from Felicity Park on Bulcock Street, into Otranto Avenue and across The Esplanade to the Pumicestone Passage, and a custom built stormwater filter that will help prevent rubbish and sediment entering the waterways.

Acting Director Infrastructure Services Tom Jamieson said the drainage improvements were a vital part of the overall Bulcock Street streetscape and would help improve flooding in other areas of Caloundra’s CBD.

“While the drainage work has many benefits, it’s also essential for the new road design on Bulcock Street to drain properly,” Mr Jamieson said.

“The high capacity pipeline will improve Caloundra’s stormwater network and help reduce flooding in the centre of Caloundra.

“The custom-built stormwater filter, also known as a gross pollutant trap, is similar to those installed at Maroochydore last year which have proven to stop a significant amount of rubbish entering the waterways.

“This will provide invaluable protection to our internationally recognised Pumicestone Passage by improving water quality and in turn, the habitats it provides for our fauna.”

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