Up on the #BlackallRange #SunshineCoast today Wonderful to see how the country has responded to the rain! I dropped into the #RussellFamilyPark to see the progress on new facilities Get into our #hinterland & support local businesses they serve you well & appreciate your support


Brent Millar from #KabiKabi dance troupe and I, as the presiding officer welcomed 198 people from 38 countries at a Citizenship Ceremony at the #EventsCentre today. A great occasion for all despite the need to evacuate for a fire alarm. So proud of the enthusiasm of all involved


CALOUNDRA 9 am. Flag raising ceremony sponsored by #SunshineCoastCouncil and staged by #CaloundraRSL. A beautiful and dignified event focused on recognition and respect for all Australians. cheers

At #CorbouldPark for #SunshineCoast #Cup with Mayoress Lorrell. Delighted to see our friend Col Part have a winner in an earlier race. We have a great facility and it was well supported today. Cheers

Momentum continues for a mass transit solution
A progress report on the preliminary business case for a mass transit system for the #SunshineCoast will be considered by Sunshine Coast Council at its January Ordinary Meeting (Thursday, January 30). #VitalForOurFuture

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