Local councils welcome LNP’s digital tourism plan

Local communities and businesses are likely to benefit from a new plan to boost the rollout of WiFi hotspots in key tourism centres across Queensland.

The Local Government Association of Queensland said the LNP’s pledge to spend $3 million on 500 new WiFi hotspots if it wins government would help ensure the local tourism industry has the right tools available to attract visitors.

LGAQ President Mark Jamieson said the LNP policy reflected the tourism industry’s increased use of mobile technology, data analytics and social media to create new local businesses and grow existing businesses.

“The beauty about WiFi technology for councils and the tourism industry is that it helps to better understand visitors, both in terms of demographics and their likes and interests,’’ Mayor Jamieson said.

“This announcements could lead to tourist operators and other local businesses using WiFi to attract visitors to new opportunities, like receiving advice that seats have just become available at a local show and at a reduced rate.”

“Councils could also use WiFi infrastructure to better inform tourists and local residents about other community announcements such as road condition warnings or storms.’’

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