Multicultural Action Plan launched to recognise, embrace and celebrate diverse cultures

Multicultural Action Plan launched to recognise, embrace and celebrate diverse cultures

The planting of a Moringa tree at Caloundra Community Centre marked the launch today (July 18) of the inaugural Sunshine Coast Multicultural Action Plan 2017-2020.

The Moringa tree was chosen to symbolise the plan’s launch as it is considered a “global tree” and is often referred to as a “miracle tree”.

It is one of the world’s most important food security plants and has been adopted by more than 1000 language groups.

Mayor Mark Jamieson said council was committed to the intent statement outlined in the plan “to recognise, respect and embrace diverse cultures, and to strive to strengthen the resilience and prosperity of our multicultural Sunshine Coast”.

“Our Sunshine Coast is a dynamic and diverse society with many cultures, languages and faiths – one in every five of our residents is born overseas with our region being home to people from more than 150 different countries,” Mayor Jamieson said.

“That range of diversity is a wonderful contributor to the vibrancy of our community and we’re committed to recognising the value and mix of people we have in our region from diverse backgrounds.

“We want everyone to have the opportunity to contribute and participate fully in our community.

“The Action Plan details actions that recognise, value and support people from a multicultural background and that strive to create equality opportunity for all.

“These actions will help our Sunshine Coast community thrive.”

Financial support and resources for the Action Plan were provided through the Celebrating Multicultural Queensland Grants Program and project partners provided in-kind support to assist with its development.

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