Portfolios endorsed for new term of Sunshine Coast Council

Portfolios endorsed for new term of Sunshine Coast Council

New portfolios were allocated to all councillors at the Sunshine Coast Council meeting today.

Mayor Mark Jamieson described the portfolio system as an important part of council’s governance arrangements.

“The new portfolios provide councillors with specific responsibilities during their four-year term in addition to their divisional responsibilities,” Mayor Jamieson said.

He said the portfolios reflected the strategic priorities of council, as well as the core responsibilities the organisation is required to discharge on behalf of the community.

“Our councillor portfolios help to shape the direction we take as an organisation and the outcomes we seek to achieve for our community,” Mayor Jamieson said.

“Individual portfolio councillors will play a key role in engaging with our community, business and industry.

“Our portfolios span the spectrum of Council’s activites – from shaping our approach to attracting new investment through to the directions and priorities we pursue with our award-winning environmental programs.

“Portfolio councillors provide another avenue for our community to engage with council and seek to have their ideas and issues appropriately considered.

“The portfolio system is very much about shaping a strong and prosperous future for our region.

“It will help to keep a focus on the performance of our business and in ensuring our customers – our community – are well served.”


Mayor Mark Jamieson: Region Making Projects, Regional Advocacy and Intergovernmental Relations

Deputy Mayor Tim Dwyer: Corporate Strategy and Finance and Councillor Assisting on Economic Development and Innovation

Cr Stephen Robinson: Economic Development and Innovation

Cr Jason O’Pray: Tourism, Events and Sport

Cr Jenny McKay: Community and Environment and Councillor Assisting the Mayor on International Relations

Cr Rick Baberowski: Transport, the Arts and Heritage

Cr Peter Cox: Place Development and Design

Cr Ted Hungerford: Governance and Customer Service and Councillor Assisting on Local Infrastructure Delivery

Cr Greg Rogerson: Local Infrastructure Delivery and Councillor Assisting on Tourism, Events and Sport

Cr Christian Dickson: Planning and Development

Cr John Connolly: Councillor Assisting on Planning and Development and Councillor Assisting on Tourism, Events and Sport

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