The local government family in Queensland is a broad church.

Like a family, we all face different challenges and pursue different opportunities. We all have our own ambitions and our own views.

But as the level of government closest to the community, the 77 councils across Queensland come together around a shared sense of purpose and understanding.

That is our commitment to creating greater prosperity and well-being for our communities and generating opportunities that will be of value to our residents today and to future generations.

Wherever I go throughout Queensland, meeting with Mayors and Councils, this common purpose is widely apparent and clearly embraced.

Councils are passionately committed to the well-being of their communities and looking for opportunities that will create a stronger future for their residents.

And the essential ingredient to success is connectivity. Our future is very much dependent on connectivity. It is a fundamental pre-condition to the sustainability of Councils and the future prosperity of communities across Queensland.

Our future is about connectivity – connected infrastructure, connections to markets, connecting to the digital economy, connecting to government and connecting with each other.

Our focus at the LGAQ is on getting these connections working, understanding and appreciating our differences and bridging the gap wherever possible.

It gives us a compass with which we chart our engagement with all tiers of government, the private and community sectors and the media.

Because securing a better deal for councils and strengthening the local government system will always be at the core of our work at the LGAQ.

Mayor Mark Jamieson
President of the LGAQ