Shaping a future to benefit generations to come

Shaping a future to benefit generations to come

Sunshine Coast has taken centre stage as Mayor Mark Jamieson today shone the spotlight on the year’s achievements at his annual State of the Region address.

Mayor Jamieson said the work completed in 2014 continued to shape a future to benefit generations to come.

“This year we are taking centre stage. The Sunshine Coast is in the spotlight and I am determined that we will remain there,” Mayor Jamieson said.

“Our economy is on the move with business confidence continuing to grow.

“We generated more new employment opportunities than any other region in Queensland.

“We manage some of the most innovative environmental programs in the country.

“And we have a community that is passionate about maintaining and celebrating our values and lifestyle.

“We do live in one of the best places on earth – thanks to the many who came before us and contributed in so many ways.

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