Strategy outlines pathway to a healthy environment and liveable Sunshine Coast

Strategy outlines pathway to a healthy environment and liveable Sunshine Coast

A long-term strategy to maintain the liveability of our region and build on its already outstanding environmental credentials over the next 25 years was endorsed by Sunshine Coast Council today.

The Environment and Liveability Strategy focuses on how the Sunshine Coast’s natural environment can be preserved and enhanced while enabling a good quality of life for all residents in an accessible and well-connected built environment.

The key objectives of the strategy are to:

·         maintain and nurture our natural environment

·         tackle the challenge of population growth

·         build resilience against the potential impacts of climate change

·         create liveable spaces and places to live, work and play

·         drive renewable energy, efficiency and technical know-how

·         live up to the expectations of future generations

Mayor Mark Jamieson said around 3500 people connected with council through the consultation process earlier this year to inform the finalisation of the strategy.

“Our community asked to continue preserving the distinct character of the Sunshine Coast, including retaining our ‘community of communities’ and ‘village feel’,” Mayor Jamieson said.

“There is strong community recognition that the protection and enhancement of our environment and distinct landscape is fundamental to the future of our region.

“Together with our Regional Economic Development Strategy and our Social Strategy, the Environment and Liveability Strategy provides a comprehensive framework to guide and shape the future growth of the Sunshine Coast.

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