Sunshine Coast community support for koala conservation

Sunshine Coast community support for koala conservation

More than 3300 koala food trees will be planted across the Sunshine Coast this week thanks to the massive response from Land for Wildlife participants to the Environment Levy-funded koala conservation incentive program.

Council’s Infrastructure Services Director Andrew Ryan said support from the community was essential to help council conserve and protect the koala population which has been identified as under threat in South East Queensland.

“With more than 50% of the Sunshine Coast’s remnant vegetation occurring on private lands, engaging, supporting and partnering with the community is an integral component for council in enhancing and protecting the region’s native plants and wildlife,” Mr Ryan said.

“Council offers Land for Wildlife members free land management advice, specialist workshops and technical advice as well as access to resources such as government grants and other incentives.

“By providing landowners with the resources to manage their own land, the region as a whole reaps the benefits.”

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