Caloundra Chamber of Commerce

Caloundra Chamber of Commerce

Congratulations to the forward thinking Caloundra Chamber Of Commerce, President Michael Shadforth and their enthusiastic members for turning out in force this morning to listen to former Facebook A&NZ CEO Stephen Scheeler.

We must all have an appetite for life long learning and adaptation.

Some key points I observed were.

We are rapidly moving toward the reality of the human Machine interface, effectively where machines read our minds

Employers should spend more time encouraging employees (rather than controlling them) to be more creative and unleash higher human cognitive potential

Remember time is a fixed resource, whilst speed is a learned skill!

A very telling slide in Stephen’s pack highlighted the rapid demise of Sun Micro Systems whose Corporate sign was reversed by Facebook entrepreneur Mark Zuckerberg as a reminder to all.

When recruiting staff focus on their ability to learn and change themselves.

A great morning, thanks

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