Legacy Remembrance Day

Legacy Remembrance Day

I had the honour of issuing the ‘Welcome’ to all those attending the ‘Coming Home’ celebration concert at LifePointe today.

A great crowd enjoyed a special occasion being the 100th anniversary.

Legacy emerged from a dying soldier’s request of a mate to “look after the missus and kids”

As you consider where you will honour the sacrifice of our Armed Forces on Monday at 11 am on the 11th of the 11th please read my address to today’s crowd celebrating the ‘Home Coming’

‪ Good afternoon everyone.

I would like to start by acknowledging the Traditional Custodians of the Sunshine Coast Local Government Area.

The Kabi Kabi peoples of the coastal plains and northern hinterland and the Jinibara peoples of the southern hinterland.

I would also like to pay my respects to their Elders past and present and to all Indigenous people.

May I also acknowledge –

Each year at the 11th hour on the 11th day of the 11th month, communities across Australia pause to remember those who fought for our freedom.

Many honour the occasion by pinning a poppy to their shirt or laying a wreath on a gravesite or memorial.

But our whole nation comes together to observe one minute’s silence as we acknowledge that moment in 1918 when the guns fell silent on the Western Front.

It is a sombre moment.

One where we remember those who have suffered in wars and armed conflicts and those who made the ultimate sacrifice for our country and our way of life.

Remembrance Day also provides a small glimpse into the lives of those personally affected by these events.

Including, those people who have been left behind when a treasured loved one did not come home.

Many people here today are returned service personnel or the wives, children, or parents of our fallen and injured soldiers.

We honour you and your loved ones and join with you in offering the support of our community.

The Legacy Sunshine Coast Remembrance Day concert is now in its 13th year.

This year we commemorate 100 years of the first Remembrance Day Service and the Legacy promise made by a soldier to his dying mate in the trenches to ‘look after the missus and kids’.

This sentiment is as relevant today as it was in the years following World War I.

For a century, Legacy has been there for the families of our fallen and injured heroes.

Today, Legacy does a fantastic job in supporting over 52,000 families across Australia in times of grief and financial hardship – providing social, financial and developmental support.

On the Sunshine Coast a dedicated and caring group of Legatees support 1,000 widows, families and people with disabilities following the death or injury of their defence service spouse, partner or parent.

Legacy Sunshine Coast’s services span from Cooroy in the North to Beerburrum in the South, and from Maroochydore in the East to Kenilworth in the West.

I have to say that I am constantly inspired by the commitment and ethos of our Legacy volunteers – who fulsomely demonstrate what it takes to be community-minded.

Our Council takes pride in fostering a community that welcomes and builds connections with others, that looks out for one another and that works together to shape our future.

Any challenges we face as a region we face together.

And we are incredibly fortunate to have community organisations like Legacy which strengthen the social fabric and vitality of our communities across the Coast.

That task only becomes bigger however, as our region continues to grow.

Which is why continuing to grow our volunteer base and encourage residents to contribute to local organisations is such a high priority for our Council.

But today, we get to enjoy the Remembrance Day Concert with friends and loved ones.

The concept of coming home is something that will be an enduring theme of this year’s Legacy concert.

While we acknowledge and are saddened by the memory who will never be able to come home to their families, today is also about revisiting the joy, anticipation and excitement many veterans and their families experienced when receiving the news that their loved ones were returning from service.

These soldiers may have returned to us forever changed, but those who were waiting at home would most likely remember that first moment when they saw them again with great fondness.

Thanks to Legacy, today’s sponsors and the many volunteers.

Legacy Remembrance Day Concert 9 November 2019​Page 6
There is peace in this house,
He is come again;
He is here, he is close,
He, for whom they were fain;
There is peace in this house.

There is gladness and joy
For the safe return
Of this man, that was boy
Ere the year did turn;
There is gladness and joy.

There is sorrow to tell
For his grim-born pain;
He went down into hell,
Saw his comrades slain;
There is sorrow as well.

Above all, there is pride
For the deeds he wrought;
He would gladly have died,
Could his life purchase aught;
There is pride! There is pride!

Please enjoy the concert today and may I offer my heartfelt thanks to our hardworking Legacy volunteers. They have done another outstanding job, yet again.
Finally may I please ask for any current or past serving Australian Defence Force personnel in the audience to please be upstanding and ask the audience to join me in a round of applause to recognise and thank them for their service.

Thank you for joining us here this afternoon.

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