LGAQ Central/South Western QLD Regional Visit

LGAQ Central/South Western QLD Regional Visit

LGAQ Central/South Western Queensland visit.
3600 klm round trip
I recently enjoyed the hospitality of 8 LGAQ member Councils.
Meeting with Mayors, Councillors and executive officers to better appreciate their challenges including
*Population decline,
*Ageing populations
*Tyranny of distance
*Poor communications
*Flood impacts
*Constant threat of drought
Some of Queensland’s great communities, towns that are the backbone of the outback are under threat.

These towns and regions, vital to our identity and heritage require serious government assistance to reignite their future prosperity

Despite these challenges there is optimism and a ‘steely’ determination to look ahead and shape their future in an ever changing world.

These regions have job vacancies they can’t fill, health and education facilities, a lifestyle free of crime and drugs, communities that really care for each other, inexpensive housing options and many of Australia’s most famous landmarks.

These communities are perfect for young families, middle aged couples or people looking for a new start, change or real adventure.

Kids will love the lifestyle, they’ll learn so much, get outdoors, be independent and respect nature and our nations history.

State and Federal Governments need to adopt stronger and more favourable policies around decentralisation and provide incentives for people struggling to meet $700k mortgages in the cities to move west and enjoy the essence of Australia.

Rural and remote taxation zones would also foster a reversal in population decline which see’s historic and well laid out towns, operating well below their carrying capacity, thus missing out on operational efficiency.

Done correctly it could be offered to skilled and professional workers via a University HECS reduction or discount for those taking up country service. Ie doctors, teachers, nurses, engineers, to name but a few.

Actions are required to repurpose infrastructure to meet current needs, water security, communications, investment in industries that require open skies and tourists who want dark skies, to marvel at the stars and legends.

Cost efficient air services are also vital as is reliable and consistent public funding of vital transport corridors carrying everything from valuable resources and cattle to capital city tourists on their journey of a lifetime.

Planning and preparation for an influx of international tourists over the next 5/10 years looking to connect with the land, the open space, our dinosaur heritage and fair dinkum people is paramount.

Another 10 to 20 families in each of these communities would make a world of difference and start a reversal of fortunes for these iconic towns and regions.
Windorah (Barcoo Shire)
Thargomindah (Bulloo Shire)
Cunnamulla (Paroo Shire)

I take my hat off the the Mayors and Councillors and the people of these communities who are fighting for their futures.

LGAQ will continue to work with our member councils and the Regional Organisation’s of Council’s on innovative ways to inject economic, social and community wellbeing into Australia’s Outback!

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