Julian Munyard Podcast

Julian Munyard Podcast

Julian Munyard asked if he could interview me for a Podcast on my role as Sunshine Coast Mayor.

I agreed & we had a great yarn as I answered his questions on my life, motivations, ambitions & challenges.

I described my job as the ‘best on the Coast’ and I am proud of and committed to delivering on my undertakings.

We are really putting our Sunshine Coast on the map with our major projects, economic transition and our prosperous future.

Some of his questions took me back in time and I realised how fortunate I have been to have known grand parents born prior to the turn of the 20th century, who lived through two world wars and the Great Depression to my own children and grand nieces/nephew who are capitalising on the digital transition and a ‘world within reach’ we have today.

Julian and I have met a couple of times before including a ‘blokes’ gathering at ‘The Shed Happens’ in Landsborough

Well done Julian and good luck on delivering on your own goals.



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