Our Sunshine Coast is a region that does not stand still

Our Sunshine Coast is a region that does not stand still

We are a place that thousands of people aspire to come to and settle in because of our beautiful environment, our lifestyle and the opportunities that are developing here as we progress with our vision to be Australia’s most sustainable region – vibrant, green, diverse.

Forethought, good decisions, commitment and hard work are just four elements that have played a part in our success story so far.

It is now our responsibility to build on what those before us have contributed and achieved so our future generations can enjoy the same – or even better – opportunities that have been presented to us.

Recently, I had the great opportunity to attend the two-day Sunshine Coast Youth Summit, presented by the Council, University of Sunshine Coast, Sustainable Partnerships and Stockland, where around 100 young members of our community had the chance to express their views on where we should he headed in the future.

Held at the University of the Sunshine Coast – one of our region’s ongoing success stories – it is the only event of its kind on the Coast but a vital one if we are to create the successful region that we all desire.

The young participants’ eagerness to make a difference and contribute to where they live was fantastic to see with some very significant outcomes achieved.

Interestingly, the results of the Sunshine Coast Youth Summit’s 2014/15 survey showed that employment ranked second on a list of 16 issues of concern to young people living on the Coast.

During my time with this year’s Summit participants, who included one young man who would like to become Mayor one day, I outlined how sometimes our civic leaders are called on to make hard and difficult decisions which can be unpopular with sections of the community.

We make these decisions because we know they are the right ones to make if we want our region to continue to prosper.

When it comes to tackling big issues on the economic and environmental stages, well thought out planning and a strong commitment to ‘thinking outside the square’ are essential.

A fine example of this is our new city heart in Maroochydore, the only greenfield CBD development in Australia, which is about to transition from the planning to the delivery stage.

In just a matter of weeks, the first sod will be turned on the Horton Park Golf Club site, another tangible sign of positive progress in action in our region.

Close to 10,000 new jobs will be provided over the project’s life span, helping to address that very important issue identified by the Youth Summit survey.

There is no doubt we are embarking on one of the most exciting chapters in the history of our Sunshine Coast.

Our council is focussed on making it an unqualified success.

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