Investment will build a bright future for the Sunshine Coast

Investment will build a bright future for the Sunshine Coast

“The future is here” and we have it available for everyone to see.

Council has launched two important commitments in the Regional Economic Development Strategy – our regional prospectus and new regional investment brand, Invest Sunshine Coast – to help sell the many investment opportunities in our growing region.

The Sunshine Coast is building a new economy based on a clear 20-year economic plan which presents investors with multiple opportunities and opens new avenues for business growth, development and expansion.

We want those investors, both existing and new, to join us in what will be the biggest game-changing period in our Coast’s history.

A new economy is being developed for our region on the back of strong economic foundations and valuable capital assets.

We can offer the perfect mix for investors and the opportunity to be involved at the ground level in some of the most exciting property, infrastructure and business developments in the country, such as the Maroochydore City Centre – Australia’s only greenfield CBD site, the expansion of the Sunshine Coast Airport and the Kawana Health Precinct adjacent to the Sunshine Coast Public University Hospital.

The new prospectus, and the other associated materials, help demonstrate our outstanding investment credentials and what we, as a region, have to offer.

With its release, we are reinforcing our welcome to new investors, as well as those already investing here.

So why is all of this important?

The answer is straightforward.

This is an important time in the history of the Sunshine Coast as we seek to take a leading position as a major Australian urban and economic centre.

We must stimulate economic diversity and prosperity.

This has been at the heart of my agenda as Mayor.

New investment will strengthen our economy and provide better opportunities for our local residents – after years of inaction.

Under no circumstances should we ever be prepared to accept the fact that our household income levels are 20% below the State average – that’s $7,000 missing from their pay packet every year.

At the end of the day, attracting new investment is a win for our community – our citizens, who can feel more secure about their future.

New investment generates new businesses, offering more enduring employment opportunities and delivering new facilities and services to meet the needs of our residents.

This is the community dividend from driving an economic agenda and pursuing worthwhile investment.

It really is that simple.

Yet it also takes time – and requires a consistent and sustained effort.

Significantly, people are already taking notice of what we are doing to shape the future of our Sunshine Coast as we strive towards becoming Australia’s most sustainable region – vibrant, green, diverse.

The feedback I am receiving from both the public and the private sectors in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne is that the Sunshine Coast is on the radar as a location for investment.

The conversations and meetings I have had with major institutional investors, fund managers and property and commercial investors in these capital cities are demonstrating a keen interest to be part of the future of the Sunshine Coast.

Furthermore, the important work that we are doing – and will continue to do – in promoting the Sunshine Coast in major international markets, such as those I engaged with on my recent investment mission to Hong Kong, Frankfurt and London, will build strong investment and business connections.

I invite you to take a look at the Invest Sunshine Coast prospectus and share in the opportunities ahead. Visit Council’s website:

“The future is here”.

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