Why our coastline is so great

Why our coastline is so great

While you may love the beach and all that goes with it, you may not be aware of the hard work, planning and investment happening behind the scenes to keep it in such top shape now and into the future.

Mayor Mark Jamieson said Sunshine Coast Council was pleased to launch the Coastal Management Overview, providing residents with an understanding of our natural and built coastal assets and how these are managed.

“Our impressive beaches are fundamental to our Sunshine Coast lifestyle, economy and coastal ecosystems. This council recognises that and invests accordingly to ensure these natural assets are well maintained, healthy and enjoyable,” Mayor Jamieson said.

“Our vision is for the Sunshine Coast to be ‘Australia’s most sustainable region’. Achieving a sustainable coastal environment is a balancing act.

“We need to manage challenges such as climate change, a growing population and dynamic coastal systems while providing healthy, enjoyable beaches, protecting biodiversity and protecting infrastructure.”

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